April 2, 1750

1750 April 2 (Monday).  I waited on Mr. Stoddard to Captain Maynards, and rode with him as far as Lieutenant Brighams — return’d home to Dinner.  N.B. Two Foot Travellers from Medfield brought the sorrowfull Tidings of the Death of my dear Friend the Reverend Mr. Henry Messenger of Wrentham, who deceas’d last Wednesday of a Fever.  They inform likewise that old Deacon Bellows[1] of Southborough dy’d this Day.  Mr. Seth Hudson whose Horse Mr. Thomas Stoddard had bought, was here: Judge Ward made me a Visit.  N.B. Mr. Jonathan Fay brought home my Young Horse, he having kept him hitherto and asks me 30/ old Tenor per Week.

[1]John Bellows.