January 26, 1750

1750 January 26 (Friday).  Set out Early for Boston.  Call’d at Mr. Tim Warrins where was Lieutenant Tainter with money for me.  I left a Line in his Hands directed to one of the Committee of the Precinct touching the Business of next Wednesday.  Call’d at Mr. Stones[1] at Southborough — at Mr. Livermores[2] at Weston — at Captain Tainters[3] and Mr. Dix’s[4] at Watertown.  Put up my Horse at Mr. Blakes in Boston where Mr. Whipple lodg’d; and thence I hasten’d to my Sister who was as yet alive though very ill of a pleuratic Disorder and peripneumony.[5]  She was also much distress’d in her Mind, and under apprehension that Death can not be far off.  Brother William has been ill, but is recovering.  D.G.  Lodg’d at Dr. Parkmans.  N.B. Mr. Taylor[6] of Milton dy’d this Morning!  Molly went over to Mr. Palatiah Rice’s and brought Martha Pannell to live with us.

[1]The Reverend Nathan Stone of Southborough.

[2]Joseph Livermore was frequently a Representative of Weston.

[3]John Tainter, the brother of Deacon Simon Tainter of Westborough.  Bond, Watertown, I, 597.

[4]James Dix, who kept a shop in Watertown.  Bond, Watertown, I, 199.

[5]Peripneumony or peripneumonia, an old name for inflammation of the lungs, or pneumonia.

[6]The Reverend John Taylor (Harvard 1721), the minister of the First Church in Milton, 1728-1750.  Sibley, VI, 569-571-