January 25, 1750

1750 January 25 (Thursday).  Mrs. Tainter and Daniel Hastings din’d here.  P.M. Captain Maynard brought me a sorrowfull Letter from my Eldest Brother of the Dangerous Condition of my sister Willard[1] is in, and that if I would see her alive I must hasten down.  Deacon Forbush here to talk with me about the uneasiness in the Minds of people touching the Charge of my Remove.  I walk’d with the Deacon, went as far as Mr. Pratts and got him to go for my Horse, who accordingly brought him from Mr. Jonathan Fay’s.  N.B. Word Sent by Mrs. Tainter to Mary Woodwell not to come to live here.

[1]Parkman’s sister, Mrs. Josiah Willard.