January 1, 1750

1750 January 1 (Monday).  With all hearty Gratitude and praise I would magnifie the Name of God who through his Wonderful Patience and Longsuffering has Still protracted my worthless, unprofitable Life to the Commencement of yet another Year.  I would Spend a little Time in Meditation on human Frailty and Mortality, and Compare the Divine Unchangeableness and Everlastingness.  I would Consider the unsuitableness of immoderate Sollicitude and Anxiety about future Events in this World, but beg Grace to committ to God all that concerns me.  I beg pardon through the Blood of Jesus the great Atonement of all Numberless Offences past, especially through the Course of the last Year: Entreat I may be enabled, and more quickened than ever to serve and Glorifie God in holiness, fruitfullness and faithfullness.  But inasmuch as I may be call’d to some special Trials this Year (if my Life be preserv’d) in the Affair of my Remove from my present Dwelling, to be nearer to the New Meeting House, I beseech God to save me from Temptation or make a way for my Escape that I may be able to bear it!  I spent the Chief of the Day retir’d, yet too brokenly.