June 21, 1749

1749 June 21 (Wednesday).  I rode to Sudbury to Association Fast.  But few there.  Only Mr. Stone, Mr. Smith and Mr. Davis.  Afterwards came Mr. Gardner.[1]  Not even Mr. Cook[2] there.  P.M. Mr. Bridge[3] of Framingham came.  Mr. Loring pray’d a.m. and Mr. Davis preach’d Text Rom. 2.25.  P.M. Mr. Smith pray’d and Mr. Gardner preach’d.  Text Habac. 3.2.  N.B. Ebenezer and Forbush went in my Chair, in order to go to Cambridge, but they turn’d in to Sudbury meeting in the Afternoon.  It prov’d an Hot Day.  I return’d as far as Marlborough; lodg’d at Mr. Smiths with Mr. Davis.

[1]The Reverend John Gardner of Stowe.

[2]The Reverend William Cooke of Wayland.

[3]The Reverend Matthew Bridge.