June 15, 1749

1749 June 15 (Thursday).  Public Fast on Account of the Great Drought.  I preach’d on 2 Chron.  I thought it best to deliver my whole Preparation in one Exercise, though it takes me an Hour and quarter to deliver it, then to break the Discourse, and loose the warmth and Force by dividing it.  P.M. from Amos 4.6 and 7, I also have given you etc. — Yet have ye not return’d unto me saith the Lord.  I undertook to Shew that though God had inflicted on us many Judgments yet we did not turn to Him as he justly might expect we Should, and though it might seem to us that we did much in returning to Him, yet he Saw and knew us better — and I Enquired into this Matter more distinctly, to see what men might do, and yet there might be no true returning, and for Reply to this Enquiry, I used again those Articles in sermon on Acts [blank] from page 3 to page [blank].  And I hope it was, by Gods Blessing somewhat Beneficial.  But O that God would give us the Grace to see what we are, turn us, and have mercy on us!