June 10, 1749

1749 June 10 (Saturday).  Mrs. Hastings and her son Benjamin, Sarah and Elizabeth Tainter din’d with us.  Several Excellent Showers very reviving and refreshing.  Glory to God!  Neighbour Eliezer Rice here.  He pretends to ask my Leave for Dr. Green[1] to preach at his House — but I warn’d him against it.  Ebenezer and Daniel setting out Cabbage and Tobacco Plants — and began to half-Hill the Indian Corn.  Receiv’d Sundrys from Molly by Mr. Ebenezer Rice.

[1]The Reverend Thomas Green was the minister of the Greenville Baptist Church in Leicester.  He was also a physician.  Emory Washburn, Historical Sketches of. . . Leicester (Boston, i860), pp. 111-113.