October 27, 1748

1748 October 27 (Thursday).  We were not ready with the Result till late p.m., for another Affair arose before us — viz. a Quarrell between Captain Edward Rice and Deacon Eleazer Ball.  A Number of the Council went to the Meeting House to assist the Church in reconciling those Brethren — but in Vain.  At Evening about Sunsett we went to the Meeting House and publish’d our Result partly by Daylight and partly by Candle.  N.B. Captain Baker and Ensign Miller were dismiss’d to go home.  The Church voted Acceptance of the Result.  The Stones thank’d us for our Pains and promis’d to Consider of what was done, and in the Mean Time to return to Mr. Buckminster’s administrations.[1]  But this was not the Conduct of the Irish.  We were late up with the Affair of the Captain and the Deacon.

[1]The Presbyterian minister of Boston, John Moorehead, had charged that Buckminster was not orthodox in his Calvinism.  This council found him orthodox and called the Presbyterians “unchristian and disorderly.”  Sibley, X, 34.9.