October 10, 1748

1748 October 10 (Monday).  Aaron Warrin at Work in making Shooes.  The Bridegroom and Bride having kept Sabbath here together were preparing to go to Sutton when Brother Hicks came, Supposing me to be going to Cambridge.  But because of Mrs. Warrins Funeral, and because of the other sick persons among us I deferr’d it.  Brother Hicks and his Children went from us.  P.M. at the Funeral.  N.B. several young men turned away from the procession and came up to help Ebenezer in gathering my Corn, viz. Abraham Batchellor, Phinehas Maynard and several more.  32 persons assisted in Husking.  Finish’d the work by about 10 o’Clock.  After Supper we Sung latter part of Ps. 4 and pray’d before the Company went off.