October 20, 1748

1748 October 20 (Thursday).  Mr. Barnard[1] of Marblehead the public Lecture on Rom. 5.12.  Din’d at Dr. Sewals: who shew’d me Mr. Moorheads[2] Letter in Defence of himself against Mr. Buckminster.[3]  P.M. at Deacon Bouteneau’s Garden.  At Eve rode over the Neck with Mr. Dunbar.  I proceeded to Cambridge.  Visited Deacon Sparhawk whose Wife is much disordered.  Lodg’d at Brother Champneys.

[1]The Reverend Mr. John Barnard.

[2]John Moorehead, minister of the Arlington Street Church (Presbyterian), Boston, 1730-1773.

[3]The Reverend Mr. Joseph Buckminster of Rutland.  Someone of the Rutland church complained that the Reverend Mr. Moorehead “has lately done great Mischief in this Place, by making Separations and Contentions among us.”  He “continues his wicked dividing work; and as we hear, intends to administer the Lord’s Supper to his separate Company next Sabbath.”  Boston Evening-Post, Supplement, Sept. 19, 1748.