January 15, 1745

1745 January 15 (Tuesday).  Captain Maynard to Boston, having my sow in his Team, for the Market.  Mr. Aaron Hardy of Grafton here at Evening who acquaints me that they are yet in great and increasing Troubles by means of Mr. Prentice’s[1] Conduct and preaching; having no regard to the Result of the Council that sat there, and Says he never did come in with it.  He informs me that Mr. Dutton was the most of last Week among them and that Mr. Prentice gave him a very high Commendation on the Lords Day after.

[1]The Rev. Solomon Prentice had been rebuked by an ecclesiastical council at Grafton, Oct. 2, 1744, for his unreserved New-Light preaching. SHG 8:249-250. Pierce, Grafton, 173-178. On Jan. 22, 1745, Prentice asked to be dismissed from the Marlborough Association and that body consented. Allen, Worcester Association, 24.