January 3, 1745

1745 January 3 (Thursday).  The First Precinct had their First Meeting, and chose Precinct Officers, and a Committee to treat with Me.  By this Days Transactions all Enquiry whether the Town Submitts to the General Courts Act in dividing the Town is Superseded: for this is an actual Submission thereto and proceeding accordingly.  This Day therefore I look upon the Contract between this Town and my Self to be Shock’d and Violated.  God grant me wisdom proportionable to the Trial![1]  My Ox bad.  Eliezer Rice rak’d him.  Sent for Mr. Daniel Garfield.[2]  On the 3 Mr. Daniel Forbush laid an Hearth in my New Study.

[1]See DeForest and Bates, Westborough, 131.

[2]Given as Gafield in Westborough Vital Records.