February 19, 1744

1744 February 19 (Sunday).  On Job 36.24.25.  Jer. 8.5.  I Stopp’d the Church to read Upton Church Letter.  Voted to Comply with their Request But insisted for Two Delegates — and Two Brethren insisted for the Choices to be by written Votes.  Deacon Forbush had the most votes the first Time, and Mr. Nathaniel Whitney the second but neither of them the majority of the whole.  Some Debate arose and I was very uneasy to have this Interruption on the Lords Day; I therefore adjourn’d to next Tuesday one o’Clock.  I inadvertently Said those persons were chose — designing no other than to let the Church know how the Votes stood — and that the Majority of the Church was not for them and I actually Said I know this is not the Mind of the Church, And it being the Sabbath I conceiv’d they would either confirm them that had the most Votes or take some other short Method.  But Captain Baker in Heat Said it was Collusion etc.  Upon which I meekly pray’d him to be satisfy’d and overlook it, for it was verily my own Inadvertence that I did not expect such a choice, was willing the Church Should have their own Choice.  Mr. Coollidge here at noon.