February 14, 1744

1744 February 14 (Tuesday).  In my riding to Upton I call’d at Mr. Thurstons[1] who acquaints me that a Number of North Side people met those of the South, last night at Captain Fays[2] to gather subscriptions to a petition to the General Court that the Town may be divided.  At the Same Meeting Eliezer Rice broke his legg by wrestling with Silas Pratt.  I proceeded to Upton and met Mr. Prentice of Grafton on the Road.  We went to Mr. Sadlers[3] — waited for Mr. Hall, but in Vain.  Heard that neither Mr. Peabody nor Mr. Bliss were like to come.  But we at length proceeded to Lieutenant Tafts, where we were directed to Meet — and at 10 o’clock but I had no word of either Time or place whereas Mr. Prentice had a formal Letter from a Number of the Brethren Signifying both (I think) distinctly.  At Lieutenant Tafts were the Brethren gather’d, and there we found not only Mr. Weld, but Mr. Peabody, who had been waiting an Hour or Two for our Coming.  We din’d and then conferr’d together.  Mr. Weld was with us when we pray’d by our Selves (which fell to me to perform), But he was absent for an hour or Two after it while we Settl’d ourselves.  When the Church came in Mr. Peabody pray’d.  After which we made some Overtures but Considering that Five of those which the major part of the Church (as that party was who were against Mr. Weld) had chose, had not come they were against Submitting their Cause to us.  We saw it was in Vain to try to reconcile them.  Neither could we do any thing that would be likely to End well, and therefor determin’d to advise them to Choose a Council.  This we conducted to Effect and assisted them in forming all the votes, and watch’d over them through the whole Affair (Except in the Nominations, and upon their nominating Mr. Peabody and me we each of us as modestly as we could declin’d) but they finish’d the whole that night though it was late and almost worried me down.  Mr. Prentice pray’d before we broke up.  Mr. Peabody is requested by Mr. Weld to preach a sermon in the forenoon tomorrow before he leaves the place, and I am desir’d to preach p.m.  Thus we disperse.  Mr. Peabody and I lodged together.

[1]Joseph Thurston of Westborough.

[2]Deacon John Fay of Westborough.

[3]Capt. John Sadler of Upton.