February 15, 1744

1744 February 15 (Wednesday).  By Day we wake with the Silent sight of a Young Fellow in the room getting up from his Girl in the t’other Bed in the Same Room with us.  Astonishing Boldness and Impudence! nor could we let the Girl go off without a brief Lecture.  But we kept the matter for the Parents for the Time.  We all broke Fast at Mr. Nelsons.  Mr. Peabody preach’d an Excellent sermon on Col. 1.27, latter part, and after sermon left us.  I din’d in quiet at Deacon Nelsons with Mr. Weld, Mr. Dorr and his Daughter, for I had obtain’d leave to do as I would about the Afternoon Exercise, and I saw so much of the extra fervency of many of the people to have Mr. Prentice preach that I gave way.  He din’d at Mr. Sadlers — and he preach’d p.m. on Exod. 5.10 latter part, and 11.12.  At Eve I rode up to Captain Hazzletines and thence (accompany’d by Mr. Fisk[1] of Upton to pilot me) got over safe to Westborough and found my Family well, after the troublesome Turn.

[1]Ebenezer Fisk.