July 8, 1740

1740 July 8 (Tuesday).  In the Forenoon I was at the Funeral of Mr. Haywards Child.  From thence I rode to Josiah Bowkers, call’d at John Bowkers[1] and thence proceeded to Mr. Cushing[2] to Association.  Mr. Prentice, Mr. Loring and Mr. Frink[3] were there.  Mr. Loring gave us some account of his late Journey to York to visit Mr. Edmund Brown, late of Sudbury, under Condemnation for the Murther of [blank] Briant; and gave us a Concio on Eph. 6.18 and part of 19.  Mr. Meacham[4] of Coventry and Mr. Woodbridge[5] of Hatfield came in.  At night I returned home, because of Several Workmen mowing today for me.  Scil. Mr. Cornelius Biglo, Mr. John Caruth and Jonathan Green.  Mr. Biglo stay’d over night.  At Eve came Mr. Solomon Prentice.

[1]Of Westborough until 1741, when he moved to Marlborough.  Hudson, Marlborough, 225,

[2]Rev. Job Cushing of Shrewsbury.

[3]Rev. Thomas Frink of Rutland.

[4]Rev. Joseph Meacham (HC 1710), minister of South Coventry, Conn., 1714-1752.  SHG, 5:533-536.

[5]Rev. Timothy Woodbridge, Jr., of Hatfield, Mass.