July 2, 1740

1740 July 2 (Wednesday).  This Day was observ’d as a Day of Fasting and Prayer at Cambridge on the Account of the Throat Distemper there, which otherwise had been the Commencement.  Din’d at Brother Samuel’s and Brother Breck with us.  P.M. We went to the Baptist Meeting where Mr. Callender[1] of Newport preach’d on 1 Cor. 11.28.  After Lecture we went to Mr. Condeys[2] Lodgings at Mr. Jarvis’s[3] where were Mr. Chauncy,[4] Harrison Gray,[5] etc.  At Eve at Mrs. Keggells,[6] old Mr. Lorings, etc.  Lodg’d at Brother Elias’s.

[1]Rev. John Callender (HC 1723), Baptist minister at Newport, R.I., 1731-1748.  SHG, 7:150-155.

[2]Rev. Jeremiah Condy (HC 1726), minister of the First Baptist Church of Boston, 1738-1764.  SHG, 8:20-30.

[3]Nathaniel Jarvis of Boston.

[4]Rev. Charles Chauncy.

[5]Later the Treasurer of the Province and a Loyalist who left Boston in 1776.  M.D. Raymond, Gray Genealogy (Tarrytown, 1887), 192.

[6]Mrs. Abel Keggell, the cousin of Mrs. Parkman.