July 3, 1740

1740 July 3 (Thursday).  Mr. Webb[1] Lecture on Rev. 3.1.2.  I din’d at Brother Alexander’s.  My Wife at Brother Samuels, and with her din’d Dr. Smith[2] of Shrewsbury.  P.M. I was at Mr. John Barretts where were Mr. Barrett[3] of Hopkinton and Mr. Cabbot[4] of Thompson after which I was at Mr. Salters,[5] with a young Association of Batchelors.  At Eve at Brother Samuels and lodg’d there.

[1]Rev. John Webb.

[2]Dr. Joshua Smith.  Ward, Shrewsbury, 436.

[3]Rev. Samuel Barrett of Hopkinton.

[4]Rev. Marston Cabot (HC 1724), first minister of Thompson, Conn., 1729-1756.  SHG, 7:320-324.

[5]Richard Salter (HC 1739), later minister at Mansfield, Conn., 1744-1787.  SHG, 10:404-409.