October 4, 1739

1739 October 4 (Thursday).  Mr. Dorr, etc. rode away, and my Daughter Molly, Single on her Horse rode with them, Mr. Weld carrying my Niece Elizabeth behind him.  At Evening, Mr. Weld, Eliza, and Molly return’d, having been to Grafton.  Major Keys[1] din’d with us, and Mrs. Miles [2] of Concord.  P.M. John Oake,[3] James Geoffrey, James Eager and Samuel Allen[4] gather’d that part of the Corn by the old House and with Jotham[5] and Stephen Maynard and Noah How husk’d it out in the Evening.  N.B. Abial Allen help’d us these Two or Three Days but to Day went home, and Lydia Harrington came to serve us a Day or Two.  John Oake lodg’d here in order to his Working tomorrow.  Mr. Weld Lodg’d here.

[1]John Keyes of Shrewsbury.

[2]Wife of Deacon Samuel Miles.

[3]Son of Nathaniel Oakes of Marlborough.  Hudson, Marlborough, 426.

[4]Son of Ephraim Allen of Westborough.

[5]Son of David Maynard.