October 3, 1739

1739 October 3 (Wednesday).  The Regiment Under the Command of Colonel William Ward consisting of 11 Companys, muster’d and perform’d the Exercises proper on That Occasion.  N.B. Mr. Dor[1] and his Brothers Daughter, Mr. Weld, Mr. Webb, Mr. Cushing, Mr. Stone, Mr. Solomon Prentice, and Mr. John Ballantine.[2]  We march’d with the Field Officers in Viewing the Regiment as the Battalion were in array, the Officers in their Places, and performing the Standing Salute.  Mr. Dorr pray’d.  We were entertain’d by the Field Officers.  It  was worthy of Notice that the Exercises were perform’d so well, considering their Newness, that there was so little hurt Done, and that there was So little intemperance, Rabblement and Riot.  N.B. the Regiment under Colonel Chandler[3] muster’d the same day.  Mr. Dorr and niece, Mr. Weld and Mr. Webb lodg’d here.

[1]Rev. Joseph Dorr of Mendon.

[2](HC 1735), later minister at Westfield, Mass., 1741-1776.  SHG, 9:468-72.

[3]John Chandler of Worcester.