April 25, 1739

1739 April 25 (Wednesday).  I walk’d to Mr. Noah Rice’s[1] to visit his wife, being under long Confinement and weakness, very discourag’d and Melancholly.  Continued my walk over to Mr. Tainters who had kept my Horse Sometime, and so rode back.  Call’d at Mr. Jonah Warrins.  N.B. Mr. John Pratt moving his Family to a new place by Mr. James Fays.  N.B. Mr. Peter Butler was at our House.  N.B. John Hicks junior help’d John Kidney in Carting out Muck.  Planted Peas, New Haven Squashes, etc. in the garden and sow’d various seeds.

[1]Son of Thomas Rice, an original settler of Westborough.