April 11, 1739

1739 April 11 (Wednesday).  Mr. Prentice of Grafton preach’d the public Lecture on Isa. 1.16.  N.B. Conversation with Mr. Samuel Cook upon the Affair of his refusing Marlborough.  Mr. Cushing, Mr. Stone, and Mr. Prentice of Grafton rode with me up to Marlborough.  I turn’d away to Mr. Edmund Rice’s at the urgent request of his wife, to discourse with their Daughter in Law who was under Spiritual Trouble.  Was at Colonel Woods’s and settled all accounts with him to this Day.  At the Doctors[1] at Eve.  Mr. Prentice my company up to Westborough but he stood along for home.  N.B. some free Conversation with him about his Preaching.  N.B. Samme Breck[2] at my House.  Came up yesterday.  Jotham Maynard work’d half a Day.

[1]Benjamin Gott, the physician of Marlborough.

[2]Samuel Breck, Parkman’s brother-in-law.