March 1, 1739

1739 March 1 (Thursday).  Rode over to Cambridge and to College.  Thence up to Waterton for Neighbor Hezekiah Hows Company.  Overtook him at Woolsons.[1] Stop’d by Mr. William Williams[2] about Harvard affair, and by Brother Breck in Sudbury.  Visited Mr. Cook[3] and his Kinsman[4] who has receiv’d a renewed call to Marlborough.  Having been handsomely refresh’d there I pursued my Journey to Hows Tavern,[5] where came Neighbor Townsend but I had his Company but 2 or 3 miles for I came to Dr. Gotts, and made it into Evening, Cold, heavy, Dirty and Weary Home.

[1]Joseph Woolson of Framingham.

[2]Minister at Weston.

[3]Rev. William Cooke of Wayland, Mass.

[4]Samuel Cooke, later minister at Arlington, Mass.

[5]The Wayside Inn.

March 2, 1739

1739 March 2 (Friday).  Mr. Stone of Southborough brought with him Captain Whitney of Harvard, with a Letter from Deacons and Brethren, and from Mr. Seccomb.  Mr. Stone preach’d my Lecture on Ps. 146.8, last clause.  After Lecture Mr. Stone and I had long Conference and Debates upon Harvard Affair.  We wrote to Captain Sawyer.  Mr. Stone return’d home late.  Captain Whitney lodged here.

March 6, 1739

1739 March 6 (Tuesday).  Storm of Snow.  Mr. Tainter came and kill’d Two Swine for me.  I read Mr. Samuel Mathers Apology for the Churches in New England.[1]

[1]An Apology for the Liberties of the Churches in New-England (Boston, 1738).  Mather (HC 1723) was the youngest son of Cotton Mather and at this time minister of the Second Church, Boston.  SHG, 7:216-238.

March 16, 1739

1739 March 16 (Friday).  I rode to Marlborough.  Exceeding bad Travelling.  To Mr. Tainters,[1] Phelps,[2] Colonel Woods’s, Dr. Gotts at Evening and at Captain Williams[3] late.  Yet returned home.

[1]Deacon Joseph Tainter.

[2]John Phelps, a cordwainer of Marlborough.  About 1742 he moved with his family to Rutland, Mass.  Hudson, Marlborough, 428.

[3]Abraham Williams of Marlborough.

March 26, 1739

1739 March 26 (Monday).  Town Meeting by Adjournment.  N.B. Marlborough propos’d Meeting.  I sent down, a second time, a Plot of Two acres and 30 Rod upon Powder Hill, by old Mr. Maynard,[1] but oppos’d by Mr. Richard Barns.  N.B. some warm answer to old Mr. Maynard and Neighbor Williams[2] when they gave me account of the Proprietors not accepting it.  N.B. began to Garden.  We plough’d in some early Peas.

[1]David Maynard.

[2]Eleazer Williams.

March 31, 1739

1739 March 31 (Saturday).  I walk’d into the Neighbourhood as far as to Mr. Williams and I borrowed his Horse to Southborough, Mr. Stone having writ to me in the beginning of the Week, to Change with him.  I expected Mr. Stone, but he came not.  I rode down to Southborough upon Mr. Williams’s Horse, but it was nigh dark when I got to Mr. Stones, So that he tarried till morning.