June 29, 1738

1738 June 29 (Thursday).  My wife and Brother Samuel Breck[1] rode with me to Marlborough, the weather being cool, cloudy and pleasant, and we din’d at Dr. Gotts.  P.M. I preach’d to Three societys of young men who were met together at the Meeting House, on Eccl. 11.9.  N.B. Mr. Jabez Fox of Woburn present.  After meeting the Societys Sent me four of their Number with their Gratitude.  N.B. I went to Mr. Peter Butler and agreed with him to make a Side Saddle for my wife, And an Housing for my Self of Homespun Cloth which I carry’d to him.  In our returning home we were late, in the Dark and Wet and alone — but our Family not o’Bed.

[1](Harvard1742).  Parkman’s brother-in-law, who later became a physician at Worcester and Great Barrington.  Sibley, XI, 131-132.