March 31, 1737

1737 March 31 (Thursday).  Publick Fast.  I preached on Isa. 1.9.  N.B. Mr. Abraham Amsden of Marlb. here to desire me to attend the Funeral of his Brother Thomas’ only Son,[1] a youth near 21, and very hopeful, who died after a short illness of but a few Days.  O that I and that the people of Westb., at least some of them might be of that small Remnant which God has left of truely Godly Ones!  and O that we might have Grace to Demean and to acquit ourselves as such; and that it might please God to keep off His Judgments that this Land may not be made as Sodom and like unto Gomorrah, but that the Div. Mercy might be afforded to us as we need it and that Glory may yet Dwell in our Land!

[1]Walett: Joseph, who had died the day before.