March 2, 1737

1737 March 2 (Wednesday).  Sister Lydia rode down to Cambridge with me.  N.B. We sat out somewhat before 10 A.M., rode double, yet got to Father Champney’s at Cambridge promptly at 5 P.M.  N.B. Mr. John Jarvis was returning from his journey to Marlborough, whither he had been to wait upon Mrs. Hannah Breck,[1] who made a visit yesterday to her sister Mrs. Gott[2] in her illness.


From Father Champney’s I rode to Roxbury, called at Mr. Increase Sumner’s.  Thence I rode to Boston, waited upon my mother, and then went and Supped at Brother Elias’s.  N.B. Mr. Bowman the wharfinger and his wife at Supper with us.  My Horse sent to his Stables.  Lodged at Brother Elias’s.

[1]Walett: The daughter of the late Reverend Robert Breck of Marlborough who married Reverend Parkman of Westborough, Sept. 1, 1737.

[2]Walett: Sarah Breck, also a daughter of the Reverend Breck, married Dr. Benjamin Gott of Marlborough in 1728.