May 27, 1736

1736 May 27 (Thursday).  At the Convention Dr. Colman preached on 1 Chron. 29.14, in the Old south Meeting House, previous to a Collection for Mr. Cotton and Torrey — gathered about 93£ for ‘em both.  <Word crossed out.>  I dined at Dr. Sewals[1] — exceeding well entertain’d.  Visited [Madam?] Lowel[2] of Newbury at Mr. [Ben Garden’s?].  Rode to Cambridge at Eve.

[1]Joseph Sewall (1688-17690, Harvard 1707, minister of Boston’s Old South Church; SHG, 5:376-93.

[2]Sarah Lowell, dau. of Noah and Sarah (Tunnell) Champney, who mar. John Lowell (1704-1767), Harvard 1721, minister of the Third Church of Newbury (First Church of Newburyport), 1726-1767; SHG, 6:496-502.