March 23, 1728

1728 March 23 (Saturday).  Josiah Newton and John McCollister came to our house to hear the Arbitration of their Case, which the Arbitrators had sent by Edward Baker this morning.  They (after I had discours’d a while with them) were heartily and lovingly reconcil’d (as things appear’d).  I had some difficulty with Mrs. Byles[1] about her sons Child, as I told her of the various objections I met with to oppose my Baptizing it as Deacon Tomlins,[2] Mr. Wheelers[3] and Bakers,[4] etc.  Mr. Collidge being come hither I rode to Southborough and Lodg’d at Mr. William Johnsons.

[1]Wife of Captain Joseph Byles of Westborough.

[2]Isaac Tomlin.

[3]Joseph Wheeler.

[4]Edward Baker.