March 7, 1728

1728 March 7 (Thursday).  It being Family meeting at Mr. Forbush’s and earnestly desir’d by him to be present thereat I went to Mr. Forbush’s and repeated a Discourse from John [blank].  After the Exercises Mr. McCollister and Asher Rice requested a Church Meeting which I comply’d with, that is to See whether the Church would consider and Act upon it seeing it is a mix’d Case, etc.  Visit’d Lieutenant’s[1] wife who was very low.  Riding home Mr. Wheeler set forth the uneasiness people were in on the account of Mr. Newton,[2] and that some, truly, could be scarcely kept from falling upon my Self Seeing I would not let it come forward, whereas I had alwayes declar’d that I waited for nothing more than to have it brought into a proper fitness for the Church to hear.  Captain Fay[3] and his wife, Wheeler and James Ball stopt at my house.

[1]Samuel Forbush.

[2]Reference to the quarrel between Josiah Newton and Asher Rice.

[3]John Fay of Westborough.