February 23, 1728

1728 February 23 (Friday).  The Morning was much worse till near Eleven, and though the wind was very high and the snow blowing very much, yet the Clouds began to grow thinner.  He rode with me into the Road, the Paths being very much blown up and indeed the Roads too.  I met with great Difficulties.  I hardly reach’d Mr. Moss’s where I had refreshment for my Self and horse, and a Young Man offer’d to ride with me.  We reach’d Mr. Nathan Brighams,[1] refresh’d again, and Mr. Brigham rode up into this Town.  But it was a Sad time to be abroad in, the Snow being very deep and great Danger if happening out of the Path and yet the Path almost wholly blown up.  But through the Divine Goodness I arrived without Damage and found my people well.  Deo opt. nostro grates.

[1]Captain Brigham of Marlborough.