February 15, 1728

1728 February 15 (Thursday).  Mr. Colman[1] preach’d Dr. Mathers funeral Sermon from Gen. 5.24.  I went in the Evening to Mr. Gerrish’s[2] Retail.  Here was Mr. Sewal,[3] Mr. Prince,[4] Mr. Cooper[5] and Mr. Foxcroft.  After Candle Light I rode out of Town, to Cambridge upon my journey home.  Here I found my wife and Son who were brought down yesterday by William Clark of Westborough.  It rain’d So I was detain’d.  Now I had opportunity to see much of Father Champney’s Methods which were much out of due Course through the violence of a Fever many years agoe.  Great grief and Concern in the Family.

[1]Reverend Benjamin Colman of the Brattle Street Church.

[2]Samuel Gerrish, the bookseller.

[3]Reverend Joseph Sewall of the Old South Church, Boston.

[4]Reverend Thomas Prince also of the Old South Church.

[5]Reverend William Cooper (Harvard 1712), of the Brattle Street Church, 1716-1743.  Sibley, V, 624-634.