February 13, 1728

1728 February 13 (Tuesday).  Mr. Isaac Greenwood[1] was inaugurated in the College Hall, the overseers and a great number of Gentlemen being present and handsomely entertain’d at Dinner after.  In the Exercise Mr. Flynt[2] first pray’d and then made a Latin oration.  The statutes of his founder read.  The oaths were administered and he made his Declaration according to Mr. Hollis’s Statutes that he would religiously observe them, and Mr. Greenwood made an handsome Oration in Latin.  Mr. Flynt renunciated or openly declar’d Mr. Greenwood Professor of Mathematicks and Naturall and Experimental Phylosophy according to Mr. Hollis’s institution.  Mr. Appleton[3] pray’d and we in Conclusion Sang Ps. 104, the 1st and 2 last Stanzas of Tate and Brady’s Version.  It was a Day of Solemnity and great Joy, and I hope Glory was given to God.  I tarried at College chiefly with Mr. Greenwood till time to repair to Lodgings at Father Champney’s.  I was at College at Mr. Greenwoods over a Dish of Tea, Stay’d till Sundown and then I went to Boston.  Kept my Horse at Mr. Goldthwaits.  The Great Dr. Cotton Mather dy’d this morning 4 a.m. after Suffering of an asthma.

[1]First Hollis Professor of Mathematics at Harvard College.

[2]Henry Flynt (Harvard 1693), Tutor at Harvard College.  Sibley, IV, 162-167.

[3]Reverend Nathaniel Appleton, D.D. (Harvard 1712), minister of the First Church of Cambridge, 1717-1784.  Sibley, V, 599-609.