February 26, 1727

1727 February 26 (Sunday).  In the morning I rode to Shrewsbury and a.m. preach’d on Ps. 95.7; p.m. on Phil. 1.27.  In the Even, Captain Keyes[1] visited me.  I read Mr. Hancocks[2] Ordination Sermon[3] by his Father,[4] and Mr. Ward Clarks[5] by his Father in Law.[6]

[1]Captain John Keyes of Shrewsbury.

[2]Reverend John Hancock (Harvard 1719), minister of First Church of Bramtree (now Quincy), 1726-1744.  He was the father of the patriot John Hancock, first signer of the Declaration of Independence.  Sibley, VI, 316-319.

[3][Additional footnote: John Hancock (1671-1752), A sermon preached at the ordination of Mr. John Hancock [1702-1744]. A.M.: in the North Precinct of Brantree [sic]; Novem. 2. 1726 (Boston: Printed for Thomas Hancock in Ann-Street near the drawbridge, 1726).  Evans 2748.]

[4]Reverend John Hancock (Harvard 1689), minister of Lexington, 1698-1752.  Sibley, III, 429-439.

[5]Reverend Ward Clark (Harvard 1723), minister of First Congregational Church of Kingston, N.H., 1725-1737.  Sibley, VII, 156-158.

[6]Clark’s ordination sermon was by John Odlin (Harvard 1702;, minister of Exeter, N.H.  Odlin was not Clark’s father-in-law, for Clark married Mary Frost, the daughter of Charles Frost of Kittery, Maine.  Sibley, V, 168-172 and VII, 156-158.  [Addition to footnote: John Odlin (1681-1754), Christian courage necessary for a Gospel minister. An ordination sermon preached at Kingston, Sept. 29. 1725. When Mr. Ward Clark was ordained Pastor of the church there (Boston: Printed by B. Green, 1727).  Evans 2939.]