February 1, 1727

1727 February 1 (Wednesday).  Mr. Willard and his Kinsman, the Chearful Captain[1] came while we were at an Excellent Dinner on Roast Turkey, etc., at Mr. Brecks.  Near Sundown I was very Eager and Earnest to come home.  Mr. Breck urged Exceedingly to stay but I resisted his most pressing Importunity and took my leave.  I mounted and my Business leading Me down to Mr. Woods’s,[2] Messrs. Willards would walk thither.  Mr. Wood treated us handsomely and we all Sang the more chearfully.  Here I rose up not a few times to return home but Captain Willard hung upon Me and would by no means let me have my way.  Mr. Jonathan How[3] (the Tavern keeper) came up from Boston while we were at Mr. Woods’s and having several Haddock I bought one for my Wife; and we returned to Mr. Brecks, where We had Sad and Melancholly News of a Young Man Mr. Simon Bradstreet that last friday fell down very suddenly on Mr. Greenwoods wharf at Boston and next morning dyed.  The News Letter had given an account of the very Surprizing and most Sudden Death of Mr. Samuell Hirst[4] A.M. of Harvard College, who not long Since fell down Dead on the long wharf at Boston, being in perfect Health (to appearance) the moment before.  And one Lewis[5] Sometime publisher of the Boston Gazette, the same afternoon was taken with an Apoplectick fit and dy’d in Two Hours.  O that I may also be ready, and that all Young Persons might fear and prepare, Since So many die in full strength, etc., to Demonstrate to us that in an hour that we think not our Lord cometh!  I lodged at Mr. Brecks tonight also.

[1]Captain Benjamin Willard of Grafton.

[2]Benjamin Woods of Marlborough.

[3]Of Marlborough.

[4](Harvard 1723).  Sibley, VII, 190-192.

[5]Thomas Lewis.