February 9, 1727

1727 February 9 (Thursday).  Mr. Willard preach’d my Lecture from Prov. 27.1.  I beseach God to grant this Young Gentlemans Endeavours may [be] [illegible] and accepted.  He has undertaken for nine Sabbaths at Stoney Brook and I pray his Labours there and Everywhere besides may be Succeeded for the great good of many!  After Lecture they went away.  Mr. Jonathan How of Marlborough and Jedidiah How of This Town came to Sing.  Mr. Bradish[1] came to Request my Prayers and Assistance in a Matter grievous and Burthensome to him respecting his Oath of Administrator to an Estate of a Kinswoman of his (when living) of Boston.

[1]James Bradish or Braddish, an original settler of Westborough.