November 21, 1772

1772 November 21 (Saturday).  Rose early.  Mounted before Mrs. Simpson was up.  Rode to Mr. Bucknams and broke fast there, acquainting with the joyful Tidings of their Daughter Luscombe’s safe Deliverance etc.  We went to Mr. Joseph Lovells and he accompanyed us through the chief Difficultys in the perplexed Road to Holliston.  Dined at Mr. Prentice’s; who has received the sad news of the Death of his only Brother Caleb at Cambridge.  P.M. to Mr. Fitch’s, at Hopkinton, and changed Horses.  N.B. mine has been to Boston, so that Mr. Fitch demands nothing for his.  Called to see Brother Barrett, but he was not capable to Converse, though he seemed earnestly to try, and put his Arm over my Neck repeatedly to pull me to him.  It was sorrowful to part from him.  As we got near home heard of Mr. Hutchinsons Dismission last Wednesday: Squire John Woods wife of Colrain, her being under a Mortification and that Deacon Wood and Capt. Fay are gone up; and that Neighbour Thomas Arnold was grievously hurt by a Fall from his Horse at Grafton.  At Eve we arrived here in Peace and Safety.  Our Family well — Blessed be the name of our kind and merciful Preserver!  who has carryed us through this tedious Journey.


N.B. I am informed that my Son John returned to Brookfield on the 11th.  My Son Cushing here from Ordination on the 12th.  And that Breck went to Boston on the 13th and came home at Evening the 14th.  That Mr. Jonathan Barns supplyed the Pulpit on the 15th.