November 9, 1772

1772 November 9 (Monday).  Hear that Mr. Fitch’s son Elijah is dead.  I dined at Mr. Nathaniel Whitneys.  Was at Mr. Jonathan GroutsJohn meets me to give me the Sorrowful News from Rochester, that Suse was nigh Expiring last Evening and a Man was come on Purpose to acquaint me with it.  I hastened home — found here a man who came Express, with a moving Letter from Mr. Moore, writ at 4 p.m. yesterday, and the Bearer, Mr. Eleazer Barrow, sat out when the sun was about 1/2 an hour high; and arrived here before two this afternoon; informing that my Daughter had been delivered above a fortnight before; has a Daughter — but her self was taken very ill last Saturday, and grew so bad the Doctors judged last Evening that She would not live till morning; and I was desired to hasten to her.  I proposed to go in a Chaise.  We provided one — but could not get a suitable Horse.  My own was too young.  Breck and John ran from Neighbour to Neighbour in Vain.  Mrs. Wood, Deacons wife, offered hers for Mrs. P________ to ride Single.  I accepted of it — but was obliged to defer till Morning.  Mr. Barrow lodged here.  Deacon Wood keeps the Horses; and I desired the Deacons Bond and Wood, to go to the Ordination at Sudbury, without me, and left the Letter missive for them accordingly.