November 1, 1772

1772 November 1 (Sunday).  In the Morning came Mr. Barns from Marlborough to assist me.  Miss Hannah Fish with us.  I read publickly Lev. 10.  Mr. B. preached on Lev. 10.3 a. and p.m.  I administered the Lords Supper.  Mrs. Maynard and Mr. Manasseh Smith dined with us.  P.M. read 2 Pet. 3.  N.B. Old Mrs. Dunlop very ill.  Mr. Barns returned to Marlborough.  Prayed him to acquaint Mr. Josiah Bridge who (I suppose) is at Marlborough with my Difficulty with regard to the Sudbury Ordination.

November 2, 1772

1772 November 2 (Monday).  Visit Old Mrs. Dunlop and pray with her.  An excellent Woman!  Has much experience in the divine Life.  N.B. As I went there visited at Lt. Harringtons; and talked again with their Daughter Fay.  Took in Mrs. Harrington to hear the Questions put to her.  P.M. their son Fay worked for me — taking Care of my Stalks etc.  At Eve came Ezra Ripley, and lodged here.

November 4, 1772

1772 November 4 (Wednesday).  Nathan Fay still.  Breck has one Benjamin Cogswell to work on his Store.  I rode to Hopkinton, being Sent for, to visit Mr. Barrett; he is now exceeding low and will doubtless very soon leave us.  Mr. Fitch’s son Elijah is very bad with the Canker.  Went there and prayed with them.  Dined at Mr. Barretts.  Prayed with him at his Desire — but He is capable of very little Conversation.  I took Solemn, endearing, and I fear final, Leave of him.  Returned home at Eve.  Ebenezer tertius here from Cambridge, and lodges here.

November 6, 1772

1772 November 6 (Friday).  Have been informed that one Buss of Chauxit, a youngish, but marryed Man, hanged himself last sabbath Day: and that a Clark at Boston, a Sea faring man, a Master, hanged himself about the Same time.  Blessed be God for restraining Grace!  May God Save me from Envy, Discontent, Malice, Melancholy Gloom; and May I, by Help from God, be enabled to improve rightly my Life, Reason, Comforts and Talents!  And let the Thoughts of Death, Judgment and Eternity be so ballanced with divine Supports and Consolations that they may not overwhelm me!  I desire to committ my Soul to God.  May the Lord preserve me from this time forth and for ever!  Mr. Joseph Harrington informs me that the Church of Chauxit was Sorrowfully disturbed last Lords Day by the presence of Sundry Bolton members desiring to communicate, whom Mr. Mellen did not care to administer to: and there being a majority for admitting them Mr. Mellen left them.

November 7, 1772

1772 November 7 (Saturday).  Miss Hannah Fish goes home, and my Daughter Hannah with her.  Mr. Jacob Biglow made me a Visit, with his uncle Thomas with him.  John came from Brookfield.  Has had a bad Cut upon his left Thumb, which is yet a troublesome sore.  Nathan Fay goes home. I was very much engaged to Day, in my Thoughts on this being the last Day of the 48th year of this Church, and since my Ordination.  May the Lord be graciously pleased to help me in humbling my self in a penitent manner for my many Sins and great unprofitableness!

November 8, 1772

1772 November 8 (Sunday).  Rejoice before God for His Great Goodness to me and to this Church in permitting us to begin a New Year!  Read Ps. 145.  Preached a.m. on Hosea 5.5.  P.M. Read 1 Joh. 1 and because of the present Occasion with us, preached on v. 7, latter part.  O that God would graciously Vouchsafe this Benefit to Me!  Read Letter from Sudbury Church — another from Grafton Church.

November 9, 1772

1772 November 9 (Monday).  Hear that Mr. Fitch’s son Elijah is dead.  I dined at Mr. Nathaniel Whitneys.  Was at Mr. Jonathan GroutsJohn meets me to give me the Sorrowful News from Rochester, that Suse was nigh Expiring last Evening and a Man was come on Purpose to acquaint me with it.  I hastened home — found here a man who came Express, with a moving Letter from Mr. Moore, writ at 4 p.m. yesterday, and the Bearer, Mr. Eleazer Barrow, sat out when the sun was about 1/2 an hour high; and arrived here before two this afternoon; informing that my Daughter had been delivered above a fortnight before; has a Daughter — but her self was taken very ill last Saturday, and grew so bad the Doctors judged last Evening that She would not live till morning; and I was desired to hasten to her.  I proposed to go in a Chaise.  We provided one — but could not get a suitable Horse.  My own was too young.  Breck and John ran from Neighbour to Neighbour in Vain.  Mrs. Wood, Deacons wife, offered hers for Mrs. P________ to ride Single.  I accepted of it — but was obliged to defer till Morning.  Mr. Barrow lodged here.  Deacon Wood keeps the Horses; and I desired the Deacons Bond and Wood, to go to the Ordination at Sudbury, without me, and left the Letter missive for them accordingly.

November 10, 1772

1772 November 10 (Tuesday).  Early in the Morning Mrs. P________ and I sat out on single Horses, for Rochester, in Company with Mr. Eleazer Barrow, who came for us.  Mrs. P________ was favoured with a good Horse by Deacon Wood.  In Hopkinton, beyond Mr. Caryls, my Horse fell and threw me off.  My right Foot was unhappily under his side, crush’d so as to be bruised and sprained.  But we called to see Mr. Barrett (who was become very weak, and chiefly confined to his Bed), and Mrs. Barrett was so kind as to bath and bind up my Foot, and with Barrows Boots on my Leggs, rode on — to Mr. Fitch’s.  Left my Horse with him; he readily granting His.  Called at Mr. Prentice’s at Holliston, who is confined with the Gout.  Proceeded to Mr. Bucknams (by help of Mr. John Leland who piloted us through the difficult way), and we dined there.  Oated at Man’s Tavern in Wrentham past 3 p.m.  Arrived at Eve at Mr. Palmers at Norton, and lodged there.

November 11, 1772

1772 November 11 (Wednesday).  Early we were mounted.  Rode about 2 Miles before the Sun rose.  Breakfast at Squire Luscombe’s.  Mr. Barnham came to us and invited us to his House, but we hastened on to Fosters in Middleborough precinct, where was his Daughter Mrs. Russel of Plymouth with 3 of her Children.  N.B. her mother was Mrs. Stones Sister Martha.  We took Horse once more — and arrived at Mr. Moores about 2 p.m.  And to the praise of God found my dear Suse alive!  To God most high be all Glory!  And may I be Ever sensible of my infinite Obligations to honour and Serve Him — fresh Obligations from this Token of divine Favour!

November 13, 1772

1772 November 13 (Friday).  A great storm of Rain.  In the morning Suse seems refreshed with her Anodyne.  But she is very weak and low.  P.M. 4 o’Clock she is very bad.  She tells her Mother, she thinks she shall soon leave us: and she looks as if Death was nigh.  She desires me to go aside and pray for her.  We are in Distress and our Hearts wounded.  I cry to God most high — to God who performs all things for us!  O that God would vouchsafe to hear our Ardent supplications!  But may God prepare us for His own sovereign Will!  We are waiting the important Event.  Dr. Pitcher has been here daily.  Dr. Perry of Dartmouth is now sent for, as is Dr. Toby, but though we sit up till late, yet they do not come. I write by one Ward Nye of Douglass, to my Son Breck, how very low his sister is.

November 14, 1772

1772 November 14 (Saturday).  My dear Suse, though very low and has had no sleep last night, is yet alive!  The Doctors Toby, Perry and Pitcher came and consult — judge it a very doubtful and hazzardous Case.  She has now an inflamatory Fever.  By 10 a.m. it is high.  We expect she will be worse in the afternoon.  My Heart is full — But God is our Refuge.  Walked to Neighbour Josephus Hammonds to See little Sukey.  Mr. Moore and I dined there.  When I returned found the  Physic Suse had taken worked well, and instead of the Fever Fitts increasing, it abated and She was more calm and easy.  Blessed be God for His great Goodness to her and us!  Old Mr. Perry came to See us.  The whole Neighbourhood are very kind and greatly affected.  May God reward them!

November 15, 1772

1772 November 15 (Sunday).  I preached (here at Rochester) a. and p.m. on 2 Cor. 4.16, and baptized my grand Daughter, Anna-Sophia.  It was at Mr. Moores repeated Desire, and he proposed it to the Church.  N.B. at noon I went to Squire Ruggles’s, where I had refreshment though I did not formally dine.  My Daughter was not so well this morning, having been much troubled with a Cough which exceedingly worrys her and keeps her low.  May God be gracious to her in this her weak and distressed state!  I pray for His almighty Grace to quicken me by this great Affliction and enable me to profit by it!  And as I find my outward man decays, that my inward man may be renewed day by day.  Would God be pleased to bless the Exercises of the Day to this purpose, to me, and to the Auditors!  The Lord accept the Administration of Baptism, and bless the Infant, granting her divine Grace and Wisdom to His Glory and her Eternal Salvation!

November 16, 1772

1772 November 16 (Monday).  My Daughter had a somewhat poor night by reason of her hacking Cough: but in the morning placid.  About 10 a.m. our [sic] Cheek grew red.  P.M. was the most feverish of any time yet.  Drs. Pitcher and Perry here.  She can’t be able to bear many Such Fits of Fever as this.  She, however, did not so sink under this, as I feared.  The women used an hot Bath to her Legs, which refreshed her.  Mr. Thomas West here and prayed.

November 17, 1772

1772 November 17 (Tuesday).  I am ready to doubt of my going home this week, and therefore wrote another Letter to Breck — and though I laid in with many persons for Opportunity to send it, I could not.  Rode with Mr. Moore to See Several Friends — old Madam Ruggles — Mr. Nathaniel Briggs — and there we dined — Mr. Perrys (there being a Sick Lad who requested Prayer, I prayed) — drank Tea etc.  Returned at Evening.  My Daughter not quite so bad as yesterday, yet is very low.  They bath her again.

November 18, 1772

1772 November 18 (Wednesday).  Suse is a good deal livelier and has some more strength.  It has been a Cold, frosty night, but uncommon fine Morn.  Have been reading the Life of Coll. Church and his Account of Philips War.  My Daughters Fever attends her, and although Mr. Moore counts as many Pulsations as yesterday (viz. 120 in a minute) yet She is evidently better and gathers Strength a little.  Blessed be God!  P.M. Mr. Moore and I walked to Dr. Pitcher’s to See his Physical Library; but he was not at home.  At Eve he was here.  Suse, we hope, better.

November 20, 1772

1772 November 20 (Friday).  Suse has had fine rest last night: the best night she has had Since her sickness.  We were greatly encouraged to undertake our Journey home.  We rose early, and Sat out before Sun rise.  Arrived at Taunton a little after noon.  Congratulated Squire Luscombe on the Birth of a son yesterday, and his wife wondrously Comfortable: but we dined at Mr. Barnums.  P.M. pursued our Design for Wrentham, and, Oating at one Fairbanks’s, in Norton, arrived at Mrs. Simson’s in the Evening.  Her son Messenger and I made a visit at Mr. Beans, but returned and lodged at Mr. Messengers.  N.B. Mrs. Simpsons constant Custom to read the Bible out in a Year, or in less time than that.

November 21, 1772

1772 November 21 (Saturday).  Rose early.  Mounted before Mrs. Simpson was up.  Rode to Mr. Bucknams and broke fast there, acquainting with the joyful Tidings of their Daughter Luscombe’s safe Deliverance etc.  We went to Mr. Joseph Lovells and he accompanyed us through the chief Difficultys in the perplexed Road to Holliston.  Dined at Mr. Prentice’s; who has received the sad news of the Death of his only Brother Caleb at Cambridge.  P.M. to Mr. Fitch’s, at Hopkinton, and changed Horses.  N.B. mine has been to Boston, so that Mr. Fitch demands nothing for his.  Called to see Brother Barrett, but he was not capable to Converse, though he seemed earnestly to try, and put his Arm over my Neck repeatedly to pull me to him.  It was sorrowful to part from him.  As we got near home heard of Mr. Hutchinsons Dismission last Wednesday: Squire John Woods wife of Colrain, her being under a Mortification and that Deacon Wood and Capt. Fay are gone up; and that Neighbour Thomas Arnold was grievously hurt by a Fall from his Horse at Grafton.  At Eve we arrived here in Peace and Safety.  Our Family well — Blessed be the name of our kind and merciful Preserver!  who has carryed us through this tedious Journey.


N.B. I am informed that my Son John returned to Brookfield on the 11th.  My Son Cushing here from Ordination on the 12th.  And that Breck went to Boston on the 13th and came home at Evening the 14th.  That Mr. Jonathan Barns supplyed the Pulpit on the 15th.

November 22, 1772

1772 November 22 (Sunday).  I went early in the Morning to see Neighbour Arnold, who lay in a Miserable state, but has not lost his Eye which was much bruised.  He has his Senses.  Prayed with him and admonished and exhorted etc.  I omitted publick Reading.  Repeated a. and p.m. with Additions sermon on 2 Cor. 4.16.  Master Waters dined with us.  We desired public prayers for our Daughter Moore.  Deacon Woods wife desired prayers for her Daughter in Law at Colrain.

November 25, 1772

1772 November 25 (Wednesday).  Mr. Lorings Diary No. 4.  What Strong Motives to imitation of So excellent Example, arise from hence!  But it fills me with shame and Grief for my own unprofitableness.  Lt. Baker has been bountiful — in fatting a Cow and bringing her back from his Pasture — in allowing me the use of his Cyder Mill etc. in making [6?] Barrells of Cyder, gratis — with other kindnesses — for which may God reward him!  especially in Spirituals — but I am much grieved that my whole drove of Cattle (16) have lain a great deal, when they were turned out a Days, on his Clover etc. to his great Hurt.  May God forgive the wrong and Ingratitude in this!  I admire his Patience and Meekness, in freely overlooking it.  Read Burroughs on Hos. 5.6

November 26, 1772

1772 November 26 (Thursday).  Master Waters has Mr. Thomas Bonds Horse and Chaise, and goes with Sophy to Fitchbourgh, Mr. Payson brings home his wife to Day, and Mr. Cushing is to take Sophy there to transport her to Ashburnham.  But it is a wet Day and the Roads are very dirty.  P.M. came my dear son Moores Brother Ebenezer and brings a Sorrowful letter of the 24th at Evening and yesterday Morning that our dear Susa grew bad again last Friday with Fever and Cough, and that the Case is now judged nigh desperate: yet that there is great Consolation in the middst of Grief, as “She can view Death without being afraid with any great amazement.  She is sensible of her Danger, and yet talks of her Dissolution with Calmness, and is more and more reconciled to the Thoughts of it every Day.”  Blessed be God for His abundant Grace!  We hear Mrs. Wood (squire John’s Wife) of Colrain, is dead.  Went up to see the Deacon upon his Return, but he was not at home.  He was here at Eve and brought me a Letter from Rev. Mr. McClallan, giving her an Excellent Character.  May the Lord support us in our sorrows and Distresses!  And prepare each of us for His Sovereign Will!  Mrs. Wood (the Deacon tells me) dyed somewhat Suddenly, of a Mortification in her Arm, which arose from the Scratch of a Nail a few Days before: but the Mortification was not perceived till the Day before that on which she expired.

November 27, 1772

1772 November 27 (Friday).  Capt. Silas Bailey and Mr. Nathaniel Longley of Bolton came here and offered me a Letter, which I prayed them not to leave.  After frequently testifying against their Disorders — till I was weak and faint, they left me without leaving the Letter.  A Stranger enquires the way — says he was cast away at St. Martyns in the great Hurricane; that his Name is Joseph Graham — and that Mr. Graham of Woodbury, in Connecticut, is his uncle etc.

November 29, 1772

1772 November 29 (Sunday).  Preached a.m. on Hos. 5.6.  Mr. Waters dined here.  P.M. finished the Repetition of Sermon on 2 Cor. 4.16, occasioned partly by the Death of Mrs. Martha Wood, wife of John Wood Esq.  At Eve read in my Family Mr. Mitchel’s sermon 5 on the Glorys of heaven.  O that God would please to grant His special Blessing on all these awakening Exercises, to my own soul, and the Souls of others!