July 1, 1766

1766 July 1 (Tuesday).  In the Morning my Wife and I rode to Mr. Thomas Temple’s to the Funeral of their infant (which I baptized on Lords Day morning).  N.B. his Father was there and in his Return dined with us.  P.M. I preached at Mr. Jonah Warrins — his Wife Still under great Weakness by the Palsy; and long confined.  Text, Gal. 3.10.  Read also v. 13.  N.B. Mr. Cushing acquaints me with the most sorrowful Death of Deacon Williams of Brookline in Pomfret (Father of Mrs. Sumner of Shrewsbury) and that Mr. Sumner and his wife would be glad to see Me.  May God bless the awakening Word we have had!  And Sanctify His awful Providences!  N.B. Lt. John Wood of Hopkinton brought in, to Mr. Warrins, Bethiah Tyler, now Parmentor — and he wanted I should Speak to her — but I told him, and afterwards her, that I did not know what to say to her.  Caleb and Thomas Arnold sled stones.

July 2, 1766

1766 July 2 (Wednesday).  I made a Visit to Mr. and Mrs. Sumner to condole.  Dined there.  Called to See Mrs. Man at Capt. Allens.  Was at Mr. Israel Allens.  At Deacon Miles’s and prayed there.  Visit also at Widow Jemima Miles’s.  She not at home, but I tarried a while with her Children.  In returning, met her.  Caleb and John Rogers Sled stones.  Mr. Barrett visited Mrs. Wood.  My Wife saw him at Mrs. Johnsons.  Mr. Stone also had been here, with his Brother Heman.  Mr. Stone of Yarmouth has a son born; and though weak and premature, is like to live.  Neighbour Morse has brought 60 lb. Flax from Mr. Perren’s at Roxbury, 40 for me and 20 for Mrs. Nurse.

July 9, 1766

1766 July 9 (Wednesday).  My Wife and I had Dr. Hawe’s Chair to Hopkinton to Visit Brother Barrett.  Dine there.  Cannot return home because of Mr. Barrett and his sons going to Dr. Wilsons Raising a new back part to his House.  He induces me to go and I Sup there: but we lodge at Mr. Barretts.  [Marginal notation, partly obscured: Sarah makes 5 Gallons of Currant Wine.]

July 10, 1766

1766 July 10 (Thursday).  At Mr. Barretts great plenty of Cherrys.  Wait upon Capt. Francis Miller, at the Price House.  N.B. his Draughts, Landscapes etc.  In returning visit Mrs. Adams.  We dined at home.  A very hot Day indeed.  Caleb finished our 3d Hoeing of Indian Corn and begins to mow in the afternoon, at the Bent Meadow.  N.B. heard that Dr. Mayhew dyed yesterday Morning.  Mr. Daniel Forb. junior from Brookfield — says my Daughter Forb. is confined by a Fever.

July 12, 1766

1766 July 12 (Saturday).  Deacon Tainter kills a Calf for me.  Dr. Hawes, Mrs. Nurse and Mrs. Johnson, each a Quarter.  William came from Townshend and dined with us.  He came from his House this Morning.  Reckoned with Mr. Moses Nurse (after a long fruitless Endeavour to accomplish it) and pay him by a Note to Mr. Tainter — £4.17.0 old Tenor.  Caleb works for Dr. — tends the Hay the rest.  John went with two Yoke of Oxen to the Forbes Saw Mill and brought a Load of good slabs to floor our Barn Bay before we put Hay into it — and p.m. Caleb Strives to get home the Hay From the Meadow.  Brings the most of it in one great Load.

July 13, 1766

1766 July 13 (Sunday).  Read Isa. 28 and preached upon it.  I took a great deal of Pains — but yet did it brokenly and imperfectly.  Should be glad to transcribe it.  P.M. rode [sic] the latter part of John 1, beginning at v. 29.  Had Spent my Time so much upon the forenoon Exercise that p.m. I repeated with additions and Alterations my Exposition of Mat. [12.60?].  The widow [illegible] dined with us [illegible].  Sermon on Mat. 10.16.  Counsels of Prudence, especially for Young persons.  N.B. In the proclamation for a Thanksgiving (which was read to Day) the Exhortation to assemble, is only to the Ministers, and not to the people.  And the prayers directed to be made are chiefly with reference to Submission to Authority and to live in Love etc.

July 14, 1766

1766 July 14 (Monday).  I undertook my Journey to Boston.  Went Sudbury way.  Called at Cyprian Hows who has marryed Miss Molly Williams of Marlborough.  Dined at Mr. Josiah Bridge’s at Sudbury and now first saw him and his Wife at their own House.  Rev. Mr. Hedge of Warwick[1] dined there also.  He is my Company to Roxbury.  Lodged at Brother Samuels.  Horse kept at Mellikins at the Green Dragon.  Town Met to give Instructions to the Representative, but adjourned.  However, they chose Col. Ward [Esq.?] Representative.

[1]Lemuel Hedge (1734-1777), Harvard 1759; SHG 14:437-42.

July 15, 1766

1766 July 15 (Tuesday).  Was early at Mr. Holbrooks.  Breakfast and pray there.  He makes me several Presents, of Draughts, Pictures, etc., especially a Mathematical Projection containing the Rules for writing each Letter of the Alphabet.  Visit Cousen Procter, who informs me that their Troubles with the Overseers of the Poor Subside.  Dined at [blank].  At Mr. Surcombs at Eve.  At Brother Samuels was Dr. [blank] Pierce, Son of the Late Coll. Ch Pierce of Newbury.  Lodge at Brother Samuels.

July 16, 1766

1766 July 16 (Wednesday).  Mr. Moore and Suse came to Brother Samuels.  They went down yesterday in the Rain and lodged at Mr. Adams’s at Roxbury.  Samuel rides my Horse home.  Suse is left in his stead.  Mr. Moore and I ride to Cambridge in the Chaise he came down in, and attend the Commencement.  Dined in the Hall.  View the New Library.  I refuse Mr. Checkley, who wants I should preach the Lecture at Boston tomorrow.  P.M. at meeting uncommonly crowded — supposed to be faint — refreshed by the Compassions of several Bottles and Fans handed me by several Ladys.  After Meeting at Capt. Marretts, where my sister Swain lies dangerously ill.  At Eve visit Mr. Appleton.  Mr. Moore lodges with me at sister Barrets.  N.B.  have conversed to Day with Mr. Toppan of Manchester about Mr. Cleveland.

July 17, 1766

1766 July 17 (Thursday).  Mr. Moore and I rode back to Boston.  Broke fast at Mr. Adams’s.  I called to See my Kinsman Elias at Mr. Salters, but he was gone out upon the Water; and, as they represented, without leave.  For which they were much offended.  Dr. Langdon preached the Lecture on 1 Pet. 2.25.  N.B. Talked with Mr. Jewet [of?] Rowl[ey?][1] of Ch[illegible].  I dined at Major Marshalls.  P.M. was again at Mr. Salters, whose wife was full of Resentments against Elias.  Visit Mr. Quincy, who presents me his newly printed Abstract of Monsieur Marcandier on Hemp.  Coll. Lydius there, and says he is going to Europe by the first Ship.  At Mr. Condys, where was Dr. Chauncy and several Others.  At Mr. Mathers, who communicated several of his ingenious Criticisms on the Bible, and confirmed what we did with respect to several Books which I had of him when we were young, as, Dr. Scotts Christian Life: Boems Enchirid. Precum and St. Augustine’s Meditations etc.  Visit Mrs. Breck, whose Cancer, She thinks, is better.  Went to Cousen Coverly and acquainted her with what Mr. Salter and Wife say of Elias’s Behaviour that She may seasonably do what is necessary about him.  Returned to Brother Samuels and lodge there — as do Mr. Moore, Mr. Little of Wells and Dr. Ch. Coffin of Newbury.

[1]Jedediah Jewtt (1705-1774), Harvard 1726 (SHG 8:64-8), minister of Rowely.

July 18, 1766

1766 July 18 (Friday).  Mr. Moore discovers the horrible Deceit in the Horse-keeping at Millikens, and brings a sample of the Hay which our Horses live upon, and shews is to my Brother who is astonished at it.  We attempt to come home, but the Horse proves very dull, according to his Keeping.  We drag along — dine at Mr. Woodwards — called at Dr. Roby’s and at Mr. Bridge’s.  Tea at Cyprian Hows.  We arrive safely, through divine Goodness.  Mr. Moore lodges here.

July 21, 1766

1766 July 21 (Monday).  Mr. C. to his School.  Mr. M. tarryed and dined.  I went to Ensign Josiah Rice’s for Hay, but I could obtain none.  Mrs. Johnson had been before me and obtained.  Dined there.  Mr. M. leaves us to go to Oxford.  At Eve Mr. Hutchinson with his Son — and Ruddock returning from Cambridge etc.  My Daughter Sarah poorly.  Miss Betty Gott here, and lodges.

July 24, 1766

1766 July 24 (Thursday).  Publick Thanksgiving for Repeal of the Stamp Act.  Preached on Ps.  Miss Betty Gott dined with us.  N.B. Sarah so poorly, and Suse at Boston, Mrs. P________ makes no great Provision.  Mr. Tainter and his Wife visit us, attend our Family Exercise (in which I read in Mr. Grove on the Lords Supper) and sup here.  Mr. Tainter tells me Mr. Andrews refuses to pay his ministerial Rate.  At Night Mr. Moses Wheelock was marryed to Lydia Bond.

July 27, 1766

1766 July 27 (Sunday).  Read Isa. 30.  Preached on Gal. 6.4 and administered the Lords Supper.  Mr. Cushing and Mrs. Maynard dined here.  P.M. Read John 3.  Preached on Act. 5.31.  After introduction I pursued my Scheme in repeating sermon on Mat. 1.21 to p. 15, but then added at the Close.  Read at Eve in Mr. Bolton to the Family from p. 126.

July 28, 1766

1766 July 28 (Monday).  Samuel Sat off early for Boston.  I visit Mr. Snows young Child, which is dangerously ill.  Prayed with them.  Dr. Dexter there.  P.M. I rode up to See Mr. Artemas Bruce’s Wife under Languishment.  Prayed there.  Call at Widow Smiths, who is under Spiritual Darkness.  Cousen Betty Gott came — lodges here.

July 30, 1766

1766 July 30 (Wednesday).  Thomas Drury brings the Mare home, and he breakfasts with us.  Rains so I can’t go abroad about the Meadow proposed yesterday.  N.B. Cornet Brigham here, and talks upon the Andrews Affair.  He dines here.  Capt. Wood was here also, viz. to desire me to preach at his House next Tuesday.  N.B. Deacon Tainter has brought me a Letter from Mr. Frost of Mill-River to desire me to look over his Sermons, which he has transcribed for the Press.

July 31, 1766

1766 July 31 (Thursday).  At Mr. David Maynards about the Meadow abovesaid.  Dined at Squire Whipples.  Caleb reaps Rye, but chiefly Cradles Wheat.  Visit at Mr. James Maynards.  At Mr. Edmund Rices and T. Temples.  Mr. David Maynard meets me at Mr. James Maynards and we go to view his Meadow.  He shows me part of the ministerial Meadow as part of what he would sell me — which with other Bounds not to my liking, makes me decline buying it; but I dont answer him to night.  Was at Neighbour Solomon Bakers — who can’t advise to buying it.