September 13, 1765

1765 September 13 (Friday).  The Frost last night was So great as to kill the Leaves of the Grape-Vine etc.  I am much oppressed with a great Cold: yet can attend my Studys.  Received a Bushel of Wheat of Capt. Maynard, which Thomas and John harrowed in, at the Island.  Brother Hicks dines here.  He has commenced an Action against Judge Danforth and wants to look into the News Letters of the Year 1746 for Something relative to the Case, viz. of an assessment of the Partners in Land Bank.  We walk over the Mr. Nurse’s, who is come up from Marblehead and brings News of great rejoicings in Boston for fresh advices from London about the Change of the Ministry, and likelihood to recover from our Fears about our Privileges.  A Sad Noise in this Parish about Neighbour Joseph Rice and his Wife.  She has run off — has Sworn against her Husband — but is at present hid.  I visited Mrs. Wheelock.  She grows worse, I think; I prayed with her, but She said little.  When I returned home Mr. Beeman and his Wife came in, and brought me a Letter from Mr. Manning of Providence.  The Occasion was, Thomas Cook was found to be the Thief who entered Mr. Beemans House on the Lords Day and Stole a variety of Goods from them.  He had been in Jail in Providence for Some Time, for other the like Crimes.  N.B. Mrs. Gale brought me £37.9 old Tenor.