August 21, 1738

1738 August 21 (Monday).  In the forenoon I went over to Mr. Jonathan Whipples to desire him to be with me at Mr. Samuel Fay’s and sent Ebenezer to Ensign Forbush’s to request the Same of him.  I proceeded to Mr. Winchesters by whom I sent to Boston, and then Return’d to Captain Fays to meet with Mr. Whipple and Ensign Forbush, The former of which was there.  I went down to Mr. Samuel Fays and Mr. Whipple came to me.  I us’d all the most Serious and affectionate Methods with Mr. Fay and improv’d Mr. Whipples assistance to compose a Reconcilement, but in vain.  Upon which I took a formal Leave of him.  N.B. In going up to Mr. Winchesters I met Mr. Campbel,[1] Mr. Hall,[2] Captain Larnard[3] etc. going to a Council at Concord.  When I had been at home some time Captain Warrin and his wife came, upon the Affair of their Relations preparitory to their admission into the Church.

[1]Reverend John Campbell of Oxford.

[2]Reverend David Hall (Harvard 1724), second minister of Sutton, Mass.  Sibley, VII, 345-356.

[3]Isaac Larned, selectman of Oxford, Mass.  Daniels, Oxford, pp. 580-581.