June 8, 1738

1738 June 8 (Thursday).  Mr. Prentice of Grafton, his wife, and little son Nathaniel with Mrs. Elizabeth Rolfe of Boston, here and din’d with us.  P.M. was Church meeting.  I was oblig’d to leave the Company.  About 28 members were together.  Brother Nathan Ball would not vote at all.  The First Business was to Choose more Deacons.  Brother Jonathan Forbush was elected by 17 votes out of 26 or 27.  And Brother Josiah Newton by 15.  N.B. I did not my Self vote for either.  Brother Newton answered by way of Acceptance.  I then enquir’d whether the Brother who did not vote or any other of the Church had any material objection against either the Churchs proceeding in this Affair or against the persons elected to be Deacons.  But none was made.  As to the other part of our Business See Church Records.[1]  When I return’d home Mr. Hall of Sutton had been there to request me to preach for him next week.  But All the Company abovesaid were gone off.  N.B. Mr. Joseph Wheeler here after meeting, and we had Some more Discourse about the old Disquietment respecting Jason.  He still goes away disquieted.  A very Cold wind at Eve.  N.B. I hear that this Day Captain Ephraim Williams of Newton with his Family are on their Journey to Houssatunnoc.  N.B. Abraham Moss gone today Upon his Business at Sutton.

[1]‘The church was also concerned with “the Conduct of Mr. Samuel Fay in keeping from our Communion himself, and withholding his Wife therefrom also, although he had permitted her to bind herself thereto by Solemn Covenant.”