July 21, 1736

1736 July 21 (Wednesday).  I visited Jesse Brigham and wife[1] — and Mr. Allens Family.  N.B. not only his son [Samuel?][2] but his Daughters Abiel[3] and Susan[4] were also sick but neither of them very bad.  P.M. I was hurried about for Hay because of a great Thunder Storm which began to come up when I was over at Mr. Allens.  After the Storm I rode down to Mr. Chamberlains[5] (where Mrs. Molly Cotton[6] was, and whom I had purposed to wait on, with Mrs. Hammond from Newton).  A very Decent Entertainment for me.  Every Thing very flourishing with them.  N.B. David Bathrick began at my Meadow.  While I was gone from home Mr. Burr[7] of Wor’ster came, as he was upon his Journey to Boston, and threw his Dependence upon me to preach his Lecture tomorrow.  I have been so much from home of Late that I Should have very much declined it if I could have seen him.

[1]Jesse Brigham married Bethyah Rice, June 4, 1734 (MVR,230).  She was b. Aug. 13, 1712, dau. of Jacob and Mary Rice of Marlborough (MVR, 153).  She was dismissed to the North precinct (Northborough), Aug. 17, 1746 (WCR, 77).  She d. Dec. 19, 1794, 83 y., 4 m., 3 d. (NVR, 129).

[2]Samuel Allen, son of Ephraim and Susanna Allen, b. Sept. 7, 1720.

[3]Also spelled Abihail.  She mar. Jotham Maynard, June 19, 1740.  WVR, 116.

[4]Susanna Allen, daughter of Ephraim and Susanna Allen, b. Aug. 31, 1723.

[5]Probably Ebenezer Chamberlain, who was admitted into Westborough church, having been dismissed from Newton, June 3, 1736.

[6]Mary (Gibbs) Cotton, dau. of Robert Gibbs, a Boston merchant, and wife of John Cotton (1693-1757), Harvard 1710, minister of Newton, 1714-1757.  SHG, 5:517-24.

[7]Isaac Burr (1697-1751), Yale 1717, minister of Worcester, 1725-1745, Windsor, Conn., 1747-1751. DYG, 1:163-65.