July 12, 1736

1736 July 12 (Monday).  I had tackled my Horse and was ready to Mount to go to Marlborough when Mr. Baxter and Deacon Barber,[1] of Medfield came to my House.  I laid aside my Intentions and waited upon my Company.  They dined with me.  P.M. Mr. Stone and Coll. Ward Came — all upon the Journey to Rutland.  I Sent to Lieut. Bakers and to Mr. Tainters for an Horse, but in Vain.  At last I set out with them and rode to Shrewsbury where I tarried to get my Horse shod but the Company proceeded to Rutland.  I lodged at Mr. Cushings.

[1]Capt. Samuel Barber was elected deacon of the Medfield church in 1710; George Barber was elected deacon in 1721 (Worthley, Inventiory, 360).