February 3, 1782

1782 February 3 (Sunday).  A Stormy Snowy Day.  A thin Congregation.  A.M. preached again on Phil. 4.7.  Mrs. Maynard dined here.  P.M. on Consideration of the abounding of Sin, especially Fornication, I preached on Jer. 8.6, those words, “No man repented” etc.  N.B. Mrs. Dolly Rice very ill — prayed for.  Mrs. P________ not well — Susa and Sophy much out of Health.  All of them Stay at home.  Mr. Brigham at Eve Read in Flavel, and prayed.

February 6, 1782

1782 February 6 (Wednesday).  I took the sleigh and Horse, with Billy Spring to drive, and rode to Southborough.  I carryed to Mrs. Stone Dr. Owen’s Meditations on the Glorys of Christ — dined there.  Borrowed of Mr. Peter Stone, Mr. James Pierce’s 15 sermons.  In lieu of which I left the Causes of the Decay etc.  When I came back I made a Visit to Capt. Jonas Brigham, who has lost the Sight of one of his Eyes.  He received my Visit very kindly.

February 9, 1782

1782 February 9 (Saturday).  Mr. Brigham came home.  He brings me the 9th Volume of Biographical Dictionary from Mr. Cranch.  Mr. B. relates the awful Suicide of a young Mr. Gray who has shot himself.  We hear of Several other Sudden Deaths — a Mr. Clafflin of Hopkinton killed by a Sleigh.  But the most sorrowful is what we hear from New Fane — of this, more hereafter.  At Even came Mr. Crosby and lodges here.

February 11, 1782

1782 February 11 (Monday).  Dr. Crosby here a.m. looks of my Eye.  He [likes?] me not to meddle with it.  Young Mr. Crosby dines here.  N.B. I committ to him a Spanish Dollar to be delivered to the Widow of the late Mr. Josiah Swan of Leominster.  P.M. Paul Knowlton Esq. came to see me, and give me an Account of the late Burning at New Fane (where he lives); and he says, that In the Morning of the 2d of this Month was discovered that the House, and every Thing that was in it, of Mr. Henry Sartel, were reduc’d to Ashes.  He, himself, his wife and five Children were burnt; their Bones and the Bones of their Dog were found — and that Rev. Taylor preached an excellent Sermon next day from Luk. which the Hearers will try to get Printed.  May God Sanctifie such an awakening Dispensation!  Mr. Knowlton informs likewise that Capt. Blackersley [?] of Brattleborough going from New Fane to Bennington, in one of the late Cold Days, perished in the Cold.

February 14, 1782

1782 February 14 (Thursday).  We Suppose that to day Lt. Warrins Complaint against Squire Baker comes on again.  N.B. Two of our Scholars, viz. Josiah Brigham and John Baker, move their Lodgings from our House to Mr. [blank] Bush’s at North Shrewsbury, to be under the Tuition of Mr. Fairbank.  Bowman with my Horse, assists them in it.  Mrs. P________ has a grievous sore, grown upon the Great Toe of her Left Foot.  And the old sore upon her right Leg is still worse.  She is much Afflicted.

February 20, 1782

1782 February 20 (Wednesday).  Cloudy and Snowy still.  A Letter from Elias at Northampton in which he still complains of our Neglecting him — that he has had but one Letter from me, which was that of Jan. 8 (or 18th) for Three Months: He is also out of Health.  At Eve came my Son William from Concord and brought up his Daughter Suse.  N.B. His wife somewhat better, but Lydia is worse — with various Disorders.

February 21, 1782

1782 February 21 (Thursday).  William stays to dine with us — leaves Suse and returns home himself.  P.M. Mr. Brigham rides with me to Mr. Snow’s, who is very low; conversed and prayed with him.  We visit at Mr. Abraham Beemans.  Himself not there.  Elias’s Letter had filled us with Concern on Account of his being out of Health: But when we arrived at home I found him here, and indifferently well.  But Mrs. P________ is much indisposed in Body, as well as lame on both Sides.

February 24, 1782

1782 February 24 (Sunday).  Preached again on 1 Cor. 6.20 and to day both a. and p.m.  O that the Spirit of God might accompany and prosper the Word dispensed!  Mrs. Fessenden and Mrs. Culloch dined here.  At Eve Mr. B. read Flavels Fountain etc., Sermon 28.  Mrs. P________ still confined from public meeting.  Letters from Mr. Cushing.  He gives me an Account of a Council lately at Ashby upon Mr. Whitmans Doctrines and Conduct.  At Eve Mr. B. Flavell Sermon 28[?].

February 25, 1782

1782 February 25 (Monday).  We are an House of Invalids. Yet all of us about House.  Mrs. P________ chiefly, by reason of a grievous Pain in her side: she fears a sore is gathering there. Sophy is grievously exercised with Toothach — and has it drawn.  Elias is much out of Health.  He rides here and there to stir himself.  But I am able (through divine Goodness) to read, and am now reading in Biographical Dictionary — Life of Father Paul (Author of the History of the Council of Trent).

February 28, 1782

1782 February 28 (Thursday).  Mr. Thomas Kendal came.  His Horse is put up at the Deacons (Woods) — but he lodges here.  Elias Seems not well, but rides about.  Breck returns from Boston, brings me a Letter from my old Friend Mr. Quincy:  But sorrowful News from my Son Samuel, his wife being very ill of a Fever.  A Letter from him of her low state.  May God most gracious extend Compassion!  Benjamin Bowmans Time is out, and he leaves us.