January 1, 1782

1782 January 1 (Tuesday).  Blessed be the Lord who is our Great Almighty Preserver and daily, yearly Benefactor!


We assembled into the House of the Lord to pay our Homage and implore divine Benediction, Preservation and Direction.  Mr. Moore began with Adoration, Praise and Prayer.  We Sung Ps. [24?], former part.  Mr. Fish (the Younger) preached on Ps. 126.3.  I prayed after Sermon: and we Sung Ps. 145, the whole of the first part.  After the Blessing the Singers and a Number of the Congregation Stayed — a Number of agreeable Tunes were sung.  May God graciously accept our devout Gratulations!


When I came home I found Dr. Gordon here, being returned thus far from Virginia, having been with the Generals etc.  Doctor lodges here.  Mr. Fish lodges at the Squires, and his Horse is kept there.  Mr. Killbourn (who preachs at Southborough) was with us, but returns to Mrs. Stones.  It was with us, a Time of much Company: some of our young Scholars [here?], favoured us by going home, and took Horses with them to keep.

January 6, 1782

1782 January 6 (Sunday).  A.M. I named Ps. 39 [to?] latter part for a Text, but delivered a Number of Serious Reflections, Contemplations, quickening Motives, and Seasonable Advices, proper for the first sabbath of the year.  P.M. preached on Rom. 8.1.  May God succeed!  At Eve Mr. Brigham read Mr. Flavels Fountain of Life, Sermon 22, which is upon Luk. 22.41 to 44.

January 16, 1782

1782 January 16 (Wednesday).  I rode in a sleigh to Mr. William Johnsons, to the Funeral of his little son Taylor of 13 months; and prayed and discoursed with them.  N.B. I dined at Mr. Ebenezer Chamberlains junior.  Called at Mr. Samuel Hardy’s.  When I came home found Mr. Sumner and his Wife.  I discoursed with him about Mr. Sanford and of his Doctrines.  My son Baldwin and my Daughter from Brookfield and one Mr. Weare with them in a sleigh.  They lodged here.

January 17, 1782

1782 January 17 (Thursday).  Mr. P. Whitney and Mr. David Monro — also Dr. Crosby.  Col. and Mr. Weare go to Boston.  My Daughter remains here.  N.B. Mr. Whitney relates that there has lately been a Conference at Westford: a Number of Ministers, with their Delegates, upon the Hopkinsian Doctrines, and a Lecture by Mr. Zabdiel Adams.  At Eve Messrs. Hazzletine and Elisha Parker.  Mr. Brigham returned from Boston.  He brought a Letter from Mr. Quincy which was very acceptable to me.  Mrs. P________ very much exercised with pain in her Back and Hip; especially in the Nights.

January 25, 1782

1782 January 25 (Friday).  Mr. William Spring and his Wife with two Children from Sturbridge, came to see us.  N.B. I delivered to Mr. Spring Ostervald of the Causes of the Corruption among Christians, for which I have some numbers of the Royal Magazine, Vol. I and II bound up (with many Omissions) in one Volume.  P.M. my Son Baldwin and Mr. Weare came from Boston.  N.B. A new Chrystal for my watch, from Mr. Peck – price 3/.  They Set out though late, for home; my Daughter with them.

January 28, 1782

1782 January 28 (Monday).  Mr. Goodall, his wife and Child here.  Also their mother Maynard and Brother and Sister Wheelock from Otter Creek.  I lent Mr. Goodall Mr. Cottons Way of Life for 3 or 4 Months; but he returns the Volume of Morning Exercise which he had taken before.  Memorandum.  Deacon Hawes has been here to inform that Mr. Samuel Hardys wife is delivered of a Dead Child and would have me attend the Funeral tomorrow at one O’Clock.  After which Mr. Andrews was here upon the sorrowful Errand that his Daughter Bettys Infant is dead, and ask me to the Burial.

January 29, 1782

1782 January 29 (Tuesday).  A very cold season, but I am obliged to exert my self.  I rode in my sleigh to Mr. Samuel Hardys, an House of Mourning, and prayed with them before their interring their Infant.  Thence, at 3 o’Clock, I rode to Mr. Andrews’s, and apply’d myself to the unhappy Girl.  She Seemed somewhat penitent: a good many Neighbours attended.  I prayed with them — and Said what pungent Things I could.  I did not go to the Grave.  I turned in to See old Lt. Forbush and his Wife, who has lately lost her only surviving Brother Mr. Moses Bellows of Southborough.