July 17, 1781

1781 July 17 (Tuesday).  Am employd in the Biographical Dictionary.  Six famous Gregory’sSt. and Pope Gregory or the Great — [NazianzenNyssen?] — James, the Mathematician, David, and James.  P.M. came Mr. Ebenezer Grosvenor from Marlborough.  I gave him something of a Character of Col. Williams for the Press — but it was too defective and incorrect.  This Eve came Deacon Hawes and then Mr. Samuel Forbush — I knew nothing of any Special Appointment.  Afterwards at half after Eight came Mr. Daniel AdamsBreck came in, awhile.  Mr. Adams finds fault with my first Letter to him, tells me he Cannot Sit down with me.  Says the like of those Members who advised him to return Goods to his Wife — Says they are not fit to be called Christians: determines to call a Council.  I told him there was nothing to lay before a Council or before the Church and there was therefore no Need of a Meeting of Either.  In presence of the two forementioned, I said to him, Brother Adams, “If there be any Matter or Affair that you desire me to lay before the Church, which is fitt for them to hear, and if it be duely and properly prepared, I am freely willing to gratify you in doing it for you.”  He goes away resolved to call a Council; and that soon.  The two Brethren remained.  Deacon Hawes said, he Saw not any thing that the Church could be called together upon.  Mr. Forbush Said he believed there were as many now that were dissatisfyed with Mr. Adams and would stay away from the Sacrament if they knew he was to come, as there were heretofore.