February 26, 1781

1781 February 26 (Monday).  Though Ben Wood has returned from Sunderland, last Saturday Night to his Grandfathers, and sabbath Morning here and till Evening, Yet he then went to his Grandfather and has not come to me Since to take any Care of my Creatures.  John returned at Eve to Coll. Brighams as his present home.  Mr. Nathan Maynard hires my Horse for the p.m. to sled wood.  P.M. Mr. Thaddeus Warrin and Mr. Caleb Harrington killed Two fine Piggs of 9 Months old, and weighed exactly 18 score: that is, one of them 157, the other 203.  The Brighams cut them out, and salted them for me.  I wrote to Mr. Moore; to go by Breck, and gave Breck 76 Dollars in Paper; and 20£ 14/ in two Treasurers Notes.  John Wood goes with Mr. Josiah, to Col. Brighams.  I began Mr. William Smith’s Longinus.