February 8, 1781

1781 February 8 (Thursday).  Received a Letter from Mr. Thomas Adams with 2 Books, viz. Corn. Agrippa, and Dr. Owen of Spiritual Mindedness.  Mr. Winslow Brigham comes with a sleigh and carrys away Sophy, in order to her going with Col. Brigham and Wife as far as Ashburnham.  I transcribed Mr. P. Whitneys Copy of the late Council’s (Bolton) Result.  It was Training Day, and Town Meeting to raise Men for the Continental Army.  Messrs. Eli Whitney and Daniel Stockwell came in the Names of the Captains, Fisher and Godfry, and of the Moderator to desire me to go and pray with them.  I complyed.  Went and Prayed.  P.M. Several Neighbours here, but particularly Mr. Belknap, who is full of Mr. Adams.  I advised him to make him a Visit.  Mr. Joseph Grout brought me a choice piece of Beef: as did Squire Baker a Number of Pieces (Salted) in a Barrell.  D.G.  Stephen Maynard (who has my Horse to Northborough) carrys Mr. Whitneys Copy of Bolton Councils Result.