November 15, 1780

1780 November 15 (Wednesday).  My Baldwins (Isaac and Betsey) leave us to return home.  I wrote by them to their mother.  Capt. John Woods moves and his Wife and Children except Ben who is to live with me.  Capt. Wood gave me a Barrell, almost full of Cyder.  N.B. Ben is to live with me for the sake of getting Learning — to Satisfie me, for Instruction, Board, Washing and Lodging, he must tend my Cattle, and cut wood, needful chores, go of Errands etc. and he must tarry with me till next April.  At eve had a message from one Mrs. Mary Nottingham, who lies sick at Deacon Wood’s, to make her a visit.  I went accordingly and discoursed with her and prayed with her as one extremely bad, and in a Dangerous Condition.